Maine Lawyers Review Article

An article I wrote – “Mediation – Location and A Tragedy” – appeared in the June 20, 2013 issue of Maine Lawyers Review.  A story about the double homicide (an attorney and his client) that occurred in January 2013 in Arizona during a mediation of a civil case had caught my attention.  As a member of the Arizona Bar, I had seen much written about this horrible incident in lawyer publications out there.

In Maine, we have been somewhat immune to violence in our justice system.  Why? Who knows?  I do not think it is because there is such a huge level of vigilance that it has been prevented.  I will leave an analysis to the psychologists and the sociologists.

Each year, we hear these concerns expressed by our Chief Justice in her State of the Judiciary message.  I agree with Chief Justice Saufley, we are living on borrowed time.  All members of the Bar should be very supportive of funding for courthouse security.

As I point out in my article, some level of vigilance is always prudent.  We should also be aware that people in conflict do stupid and sometimes violent things.