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Matthew F. Dyer, Esq. is a graduate of New York Law School and is admitted to practice in Arizona, Maine and New York.  Matt is a trained mediator who has mediated and acted as a referee or arbitrator in family law, commercial and probate cases.  Matt is admitted to the USCA for Veteran’s Claims and is an Accredited Attorney with the USVA.

During law school, Matt worked as an investigator for the Kings County (Brooklyn, NY) District Attorney’s Office.  Upon graduation, Matt was hired as a Deputy Special Prosecutor with the New York State Attorney General’s Office (investigating the New York City Criminal Justice System), but after four years, Matt and his wife (Nancy) decided to leave the city for the State of Maine, where Matt’s family came from.

Matt joined the Maine Office of the Attorney General, Criminal Division, where he became one of the five lawyers responsible for prosecuting all homicide cases statewide.  After five years of trying murder and other criminal cases, Matt set up his own private law office as a sole practitioner in Augusta, Maine initially spending most of his time dealing with criminal cases.  After several years, he was joined by another attorney, Kristin A. Gustafson, and pursued varied civil cases specializing in family and probate law.  The firm of Dyer & Gustafson was dissolved in 2011 when Matt semi-retired and confined his practice to mediation and arbitration.   Matt was admitted to practice in Arizona in 2011.

Matt chaired the Family Law and the ADR Sections of the Maine State Bar Association, and served as Chair of the CLE Committee.

For the courts, Matt was Chair of the Supreme Judicial Court’s Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence and Chair of Panel III of the Fee Arbitration Commission of the Board of Overseers of the Bar.  When Maine adopted a Family Court, Matt was asked to serve on the Family Court Rules Committee.

Matt was appointed to the Maine Crime Victim Compensation Board when it was created and served as its first chair.  He served two terms on the Maine Gambling Control Board.  Matt served as a defense bar representative on the Maine Criminal Law Advisory Commission advising the Maine legislature on any changes to the Maine Criminal Code.

In other public assignments, Matt served as Chair of the City of Augusta, Maine Board of Zoning Appeals and was elected to the Augusta School Board.

Matt’s first trip to Arizona was a training assignment at Ft. Huachuca while serving with the U.S. Army Intelligence Service before he deployed to Vietnam.  Matt returned to Arizona with Nancy in 1997 for an ABA Family Law Conference in Phoenix, and Nancy fell in love with the area.  Matt and Nancy bought a vacation home in Gilbert.   In 2014, Matt and Nancy moved to their Gilbert home full time.

Matt is married to Nancy M. Dyer, Pharm. D.  Their son is a member of the Virginia Bar and practices with the federal government.  Matt and Nancy are grandparents to a wonderful little guy who has them flying to Virginia several times a year for visits with their grandson and his parents.

Matt spends much of his time hiking, photographing the Southwest, and writing fiction.


(Matt took the photo above from his home in Gilbert, Arizona.  The camera used was a Pentax K-7 and a slight amount of post processing in Paint Shop Pro X4.)

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